puzzle legno montessori fiori
puzzle legno montessori fiori
puzzle legno montessori fiori

Jigsaw puzzle - Mushroom Life Cycle and Species

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This amazing puzzle teaches the life cycle of a mushroom and some of the many species existing.

Mushrooms exist in different shapes, sizes and colours and, unlike plants, they do not use sunlight to generate energy for themselves.
They grow all over the world in forests or areas where there is a lot of moisture. Some of them can be eaten while others are very poisonous.

The life cycle of the fungus begins with the production and dispersal of the spores which are blown by the wind. The spores fall and start their germination. This process gives origin to the myceliumWhen the fungus colonises a sufficient amount of substrate and light conditions are the ideal ones together with temperature and moisture, its fruits begin to form. The fructification represents the third and final stage of a mushroom life cycle.

Children will be able to touch the shapes and edges of each species of mushroom, discovering how to identify them and learning their names.

We handcraft using the best natural wood, each component is carefully polished and sanded.
use an EN71-certified non-toxic clear paint to avoid any risk to your children.

We recommend the use of a damp cloth for cleaning.

Safety rated 4+


SIZE: 32 x 30 cm



MATERIAL: birch wood 

COLOR: Neutral 

WEIGHT:: 400 gr

Assembly is very simple, just follow the instructions you will receive with the product. All you need is a cross screwdriver.

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Sure! We recommend cleaning with a damp cloth.

Yes, inside you will find all the instructions to do it yourself.