About Us

The passion for our job, our dedication and the quality of our products are starting to be appreciated...


Some famous newspapers and blogs are also starting to talk about us! An immense satisfaction for a family-run carpentry workshop, which has turned its passion into a job!

In the article 'Wooden toys just a click away', the newspaper La Repubblica talks about us! 

The blog The Aware Parent interviewed us to find out our story and Vanessa told it, our dreams and the reasons why of our choice.

And Handamanda Instagram page (@handamandacom) also decided to dedicate 3 posts to us, in which they talked about our mission, our history and our products! 

Recently, we have also started important collaborations with Italian and European influencers

Would you like to check out our games? Click here https://www.illaboratoriodimichael.com/collections/all