Who we are

Vanessa e Michael

We are a family carpentry in the Mantuan countryside.

Dad Michael, second generation carpenter is the creator of the products; mom Vanessa is the mastermind of our creations; Mia and Alice are our source of inspiration and the two testers par excellence. We started creating these products at the birth of our first daughter, moved by the desire to make her grow up in simplicity, surrounded by natural materials and inspired by the Montessori method, allowing her to develop her skills, welcoming her needs and giving her the necessary confidence for a optimal psychophysical development. Over the years we have studied and experimented how to improve our products to open our e-commerce. Of course, for our products we have focused on quality and safety, in fact we only use birch plywood to guarantee the stability of the products and for its encouragement vinyl free of toxic resins, PEFC certified (forest sustainability); the paints we use are en71 certified (non-toxic and created specifically for toys); every part left unfinished is treated with non-toxic transparent varnish in order to eliminate the presence of splinters and every corner is carefully rounded. Our products are made with love and professionalism, but we always remember that they are handcrafted products so imperfection is the norm, and this is what makes each product unique.



Vanessa 342 855 8232 | Michael 348 695 2696

Mia e Alice