Mom, craftswoman and dreamer ❤️

Hi, let me introduce myself: I'm Mom Vanessa.
Since 6 years ago I saw the two pink lines on the pregnancy test I felt that my priorities would be upset, from that day I would have looked for the best for my daughter, the best of anything.
First I indulged in the compulsive purchase of books on parenting, respectful education, neuroeducation, emotional education, babywearing, weaning, healthy eating, breastfeeding ... (and still today the compulsive purchase of books of this kind has not subsided ... on the contrary!), of course I looked for the best even among games. I already understood the concept that there was already too much plastic within the four walls of a house and there was no need to buy more, I also preferred that he could play with simpler and more natural materials such as wood and above all I wanted long-lasting games that would not break after a month.
When I was a child I attended a Montessori kindergarten and I still have wonderful memories (I still remember the Montessori materials I used at 4 and I don't remember what I ate last night !!) and it is also thanks to this ( in addition to the various readings) that I was inspired by the Montessori method to raise my girls, even if later I felt the need to deepen the Reggio Emilia Approach and the Steiner pedagogy, which I am very attracted to.
So, I started from immediately a loooong list of things to have Michael, our carpenter dad build, even before Mia was born!
So in 2016 we built our first learning tower and between one thing and another; some moves, a pregnancy and the birth of Alice, over the years we have studied and experimented with how to improve our products.
Today, we are a family carpentry shop, 9000 people like our Facebook page and we have our e-commerce opened.

Today we are "Michael's workshop".
We live and work in a courtyard in the Mantuan countryside.
Dad Michael, second generation carpenter is the creator of the products, I am the mind of our creations, Mia and Alice are our source of inspiration and the two testers par excellence.

Naturally for our products, as for everything else we choose as parents, we have focused on quality and safety. We only use birch plywood free of toxic resins, with vinyl gluing, which guarantees its stability. The paints are certified en71 / 3 created specifically for toys, so non-toxic as to be approved even in contact with food.
Each part left unfinished is treated with non-toxic transparent paint in order to eliminate the presence of splinters and every corner is carefully smoothed.
In the next blog articles I will talk about the products, their use, current promotions and much more!

Stay tuned!!

with love, Vanessa